Tutorial on          Java         Microservices 

How to build microservices in java?, Eureka, Resilience4j, Feign Client, Hystrix, Slueth, Zipkin, Spring Boot Admin Dashboard etc.


Netflix Eureka


Feign Client (Open Feign)

@CircuitBreaker, @RateLimiter, @TimeLimiter,  @Bulkhead,  @Retry. 


In order to utilize the benefits of both tools, we should always add Zipkin Client’s dependency along with Sleuth in every microservice.

Zipkin & Sleuth

Spring Cloud Gateway is a simple, yet an effective way to route to APIs..

    Spring Cloud     Gateway API


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The top five languages that are using Microservices are Java, Python, C++, Ruby and Golang. Again Microservices in Java is leading the table. Our focus will only be on Microservices in Java that is expected to discuss here.