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It is definitely true that there is always a scope to improve your software. Obviously, we are going to talk about ‘How to design a better software’ in this article. We will continuously be adding points to this article in future also if we feel that they are appropriate.

In this article, we will focus on each & every aspect that can help to have a good understanding for better software design.

Please share them with others as well.

  1. The hardest part of the design is finding the right classes.
  2. The question of a good software design lies heavily in the anticipation of changes.
  3. The Side effect is the most worrisome part of changes in design.
  4. Requirements change, but design should not.
  5. If you feel your design is not correct, that means it’s not correct. Look at it once again.
  6. A good design requires keeping the big picture in mind.
  7. Have a habit to identify the design solution, record them and use them appropriately in future.
  8. You have to protect your design from being changed.
  9. Changes may be unknown, but where to accommodate in design should be known.
  10. Isolate the changes in parts of the design.
  11. Think how changes in one part will not affect another part.
  12. Hide the implementation from the client.
  13. Who, What, Where… is our tool for software design.
  14. Program to an interface, not an implementation.
  15. Favor object composition over class inheritance.
  16. Find what varies and encapsulate it.
  17. Delegation is wonderful, delegate it appropriately.
  18. Delegation is a tool in hand to make the design reusable.
  19. Delegation makes composition, excellent for reuse.
  20. Think of utilization of the Builder Design Pattern.
  21. Think about reusability at 3 levels – Application, Library, and Framework.
  22. It works. Is it right? Think again.
  23. Think about encapsulating behaviors.
  24. Software design capability improves ability to raise your level of thinking.
  25. It’s a design thought process to see and visualize.

Someone is doing something.
Someone can do something.
Someone is changing.
Someone can do something in the future.
Someone will do something in the future.   ……. And so on…

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