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Kindly go through below links to get into Core Java topics of your choice.

Eclipse IDE & JDK

About Eclipse & It's keyboard Shortcuts
How To Add JDK 20 Environment In Eclipse?
How To Add JDK 19 Environment In Eclipse?
How To Add JDK 18 Environment In Eclipse?
How To Add JDK 17 Environment In Eclipse?
How To Add JDK 16 Environment In Eclipse?
How To Add JDK 15 Environment In Eclipse?

Java Basics 

Best Proven Practices To Become A Good Java Developer
Java Coding Best Practices and Standard Conventions
Core Java Basics Tutorial Questions
Annotations In Java
JVM Architecture, Java Class Loders & Java Code Processing
Structure Of JDK : Java8 Vs Java9
What Are The Components Of a Java Program?
Java Features Before Java8

Java 8 Features

Functional Interfaces 
Predefined Functional Interfaces
The Lambda (λ) Expression
Lambda Expression Vs Anonymous Inner Class
Default Methods inside Interface
Static Methods inside Interface
Method Reference(::)
Stream API in Java 8
MCQ on Java 8 Features & Answers With Explanations
Java 8 Interview Questions & Answers
Java 8 Stream API Interview Questions & Answers

Additional Concepts    

Java Features After Java 8
Stream API Enhancements in Java 9
Java 14 Features
Java 15 Features
Java 17 Features
Record In Java With Examples (Java 17)
Java 17 Record vs. Lombok
Sealed classes and Interfaces In Java With Examples (Java 17)
Static Keyword In Java : All Scenarios
Singleton Design Pattern With All Scenarios
Singleton Class In Java With Examples
Java Interface (With JDK 8 & JDK 9 Changes)
Java Design Pattern Books
Enhancement Of Java Collection Classes
How To Work With JSON In Java?
How To Reduce Boilerplate Code In Java Using Lombok Annotations
How To Convert Excel Data Into List Of Java Objects : Poiji API
How to become a Good Java Developer?
How to sort List By Date in Java 8 ?
5 Ways To Create An Object In Java
7 Ways To Print Elements Of A Collection In Java
Use Java8 To Make Sorting/Comparison Easy
List Of required Skills For a Java Developer
Java Setup: How To Run A Java Program in Windows 10+
Java With Blockchain (Cryptocurrency)
How To Design A Java Enterprise Application Effectively?
Coding Best Practices
Important Utility Methods

Java Interfaces

All About Java Interfaces (Including New Features Introduced In Java 8 & Java 9)
Most Important Interview Questions on Java Interfaces

Collections In Java 

Java Collection Concepts & Frequently Asked Interview Questions
Top 20 Java Collection Interview Questions
Enhancement Of Java Collection Classes
MCQs/Quizzes on Java Collections

Exceptions In Java 

How To Resolve Common Exceptions in Java
Exception Handling In Java MCQ

Java Security Tutorial  

Java Security Tutorial: A Guide To Create SSL Connections & Certificates

SOLID Principles & OOPs Design Principles

SOLID Principles : The Single Responsibility Principle
SOLID Principles : The Open Closed Principle
SOLID Principles : The Liskov Substitution Principle
SOLID Principles : The Interface Segregation Principle
SOLID Principles : The Dependency Inversion Principle
OOPs Design Principles

Java Design Patterns

Creational Patterns
Structural Patterns
Behavioral Patterns

Interview Questions   

Java Interview Questions
Java Coding Interview Questions

ChatGPT Prompts for Java Developers 

ChatGPT for Java Developers/Programmers

Image To Text using Java  Java-Based Tools for Video Production and Animation

How to Extract Text from an Image Using Java?

Java Testing Frameworks 

A Comprehensive Guide To Java Testing Frameworks


Continuation-Passing Style (CPS) in Java
Java Tutorial for Young ProgrammersDNS & IP Adress Retrieval With Java
Java Based Tools for Production & Animation
How to Create Rich Desktop Application in Java?: JavaFX

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