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Difference between Angular JS & Angular

Some people think that Angular is a short form of Angular JS but it is not at all. It is true that Angular JS & Angular both are used to develop front-end of application but both are not the same. In this blog we will understand Difference between Angular JS & Angular.

What is Angular ?

Angular is an open-source, cross-platform TypeScript based platform used to develop front-end(user interface) in web applications. It is completely re-created on AngularJS.  Angular has OOP like features e.g. classes, datatypes, interfaces, inheritance, Lambda functions etc…as it’s a typescript based framework. To get idea about AngularJS please go through previous blog on Angular JS fundamentals.

What is TypeScript ?

TypeScript is an open-source scripting developed by Microsoft. It is a superset of JavaScript and has capability to run in both client & server side. Since Browser understands only JavaScript, every TypeScript code is converted to JavaScript code after transpilation (a kind of compilation which is called transpilation when we talk about typeScript). It is strongly typed language (datatypes), supports datatypes, classes, interfaces, inheritance,modules, Lambda functions etc.

What is the difference between Angular JS & Angular?

Basic Scripting

Angular is developed on top of TypeScript whereas AngularJS is developed on top of JavaScript.


Angular represents versions 2,4,5,6,7, 8, 9…….whereas AngularJS represents versions 1.x


Angular uses Component & directives whereas AngularJS uses Model-View-Controller design.

Binding Syntax 

Angular uses ‘()’ for event binding & ‘[ ]’ for property binding, whereas AngularJS uses ‘ng’ directive to bind events & properties.

Mobile Support 

Angular provides mobile support, whereas AngularJS doesn’t provide mobile support.

Dependency Injection 

Angular uses dependency injection feature whereas AngularJS doesn’t use it.


Angular is better than AngularJS in performance especially for large-scale complex applications.


Angular has more features & options in TypeScript  as compared to AngularJS in JavaScript.

Upgrading code from Angular JS to Angular?

If you are upgrading from Angular 1 to Angular 2, there is a possibility that you have to rewrite the whole code as Angular 1 uses JavaScript whereas Angular 2 onward uses TypeScript. If you are into development of smaller web application, then better stick to Angular JS. In case you think it is essential for you to develop mobile apps, then better is to upgrade it into Angular. Hence, if possible, it is recommended to upgrade as soon as possible as migrating to a new version would require coding from the scratch.




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